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Kyle's journey began at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC - CH), where he pursued a dual-degree program with a supplementary minor while immersing himself in campus theater, gymnastics, part-time work, and conservation research projects spanning from Hawai'ian waters to UNC rooftops.

While at UNC - CH, Kyle not only thrived in student theater but also seized opportunities with prestigious companies like the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre of Scotland, performing in productions like "Dunsinane" and "Antigone." Seeking to solidify a long-term career, Kyle ventured beyond campus, broadening his artistic horizons and honing his craft on stages across the nation.

In addition to his performance work, Kyle founded SoliFilm Productions, a dynamic production company dedicated to telling hard-hitting stories through film. Driving his entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision both in front of and behind the camera, Kyle has produced film projects in Chicago and beyond, bringing his unique perspective and creative energy to each project he tackles.

Kyle is currently based in Chicago, IL and is proudly represented by Gray Talent Group.

For booking inquiries, please contact:


Phone: (312) 663-1659

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